It’s go or go home time !


Well Tiger fans, this is it. A whole summer full of baseball awesomeness is now down to possibly two games to get to the World Series. Getting to the World Series should have been a minimum requirement for this team so now it’s time to see if they can suck it up for two games in Chowderville and get to the promised land.

In many respects this series has been one of the most frustrating I have ever watched. This team has put together starting pitching performances of a historical nature and still find themselves down 3 to 2 and facing elimination. TO be honest, you have to really stink it up in other aspects of the game to lose games with starting pitching this good. From inexplicable managing decisions to horrendous base running and bullpen implosions the Tigers have found a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. I honestly think that right now they are a better team than Boston but the mistakes have cost too dearly. Speaking of mistakes let’s talk about a 350 pound one playing 1st base. I realize players go through slumps, its baseball and it happens but this is ridiculous. Prince Fielder has been about as useful in this Series as our U.S. House and Senate combined. I guess I would feel better about the slump if I thought Fielder gave half a shit about it. Continued Inge like at bats with no discernible change in approach is enough to make a fan throw the remote through the flat screen TV. That being said, it may be time for Old Smokestack to either move him down in the lineup or move him out completely. Lord knows you are not giving up anything defensively if he is out. Fielder is not solely to blame for the offensive troubles of the team but at 23 million a year he has to perform better.

Even though the Tigers have played less than stellar ball this series I still think they have a shot. I know, I know, not exactly a grand statement but like many others I feel very good with Scherzer and Verlander ready to pitch. Let’s face it, the Sox are not exactly clubbing the ball and there is no other pitchers I would want to try to get me two wins. It will be tough in Fenway but it if they can somehow erase the mistakes and get a few clutch hits it should be possible. OK fans, get ready for what I hope is a great weekend of baseball and Go Tigers !!!!

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Tigers talk –

Ok, I know it is only the second game but for petes sake this crap looks a lot like the garbage we saw for the first 2/3 of the season last year. There have been stranded runners, shaky defense and runners getting thrown out and killing innings.

I would like a really good explanation from Jim Leyland on what in the hell Phil Coke was doing pitching to right handed batters with men on base in a one run game. His stats against righties last year were deplorable. The dude needs to be a situational lefty and that is it. He had a great run in the postseason but history tells you he is not made for a closer type role. Of course Captain Stubborn will keep trotting him out there in improbable situations until his confidence is completely shot. Note to our Marlboro inhaling manager, the closer by committee has a chance to work IF you put them in situations to succeed not fail.

Secondly, what were Austin Jackson and Andy Dirks doing on that last fly ball ? Gazing at passing birds ? Thinking of recipes they would like to share ? Listen, I understand that Dirks is not a good fielder at all but I expect more from Ajax. It seems like we have seen him flag down balls like that a million times but this one was just bizarre. The dazed and confused look that Dirks had after the game leads me to believe perhaps he goofed up. I am no detective but I would say his defensive track record would say that was probably the case.

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