99 Problems and the Puppy is One !

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I had mentioned in a previous Facebook post that the sleeping arrangements in my bed have changed considerably since the arrival of the Princess Puppy. What used to be a rather spacious king sized bed with plenty of room for myself and Rachel as well as the always popular “Switzerland Zone” in the middle made for some pretty good sleeping. Things have changed dramatically since the bundle of fur arrived since she has conquered and pillaged the Switzerland Zone like the Roman Army on steroids and Rachel and I now cling to the remaining edges of the bed like mountain climbers with no safety rope.

All of this background now leads us to last night. It was a freezing cold, miserable night and I climbed into bed to warm up and catch up on some on ZZZZ’s. At some point I rolled a bit and ended up in the now Puppy controlled Switzerland zone. But wait, that is not not a puppy that I bumped into, that is a rather fetching blonde. In typical male fashion my brain sends the signal that says, ” Hey now, this has got some potential. I mean what happens in Switzerland stays in Switzerland right ?” And yes, I realize that no one has ever uttered or even thought that before but listen I had a couple of beers before bed so some random thoughts are legit. Anyway, here I am in a puppy free Switzerland Zone with a beautiful blonde and life is looking good. This is where things take a rather bad turn for your yours truly. No sooner can I begin to organize the rather impure thoughts running through my head when all of a sudden a 30 pound flash of fur leaps into the bed, landing directly in between myself and Rachel. Where she came from, I have no idea. It was almost like she had some sort of “parental” vibe that told her that her kid was about to do something wrong. Frankly, I kinda felt like a 16 year old who got caught making out in the basement by their Mom or Dad. Oh well, just another day (and night) in the life of new puppy parents.

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Youth Sports – A Positive Story.

    It has occurred to me that often youth and junior sports get a bad rap.  The stories of horrific coaches and parents are terrible and unfortunately they happen way to often.  Over the years with my boys I have seen behavior from coaches, parents, officials and even the kids that is so embarrassing that even the contestants on the Bachelor blush in shame for these morons.  However, today I am gonna tell a quick story that shows the awesome part of kids and their sports.

     A little background for you.  Recently my son Travis was chosen for the 7th grade basketball team at Davison Middle School.  Suffice to say, the kid was to the moon with excitement.  Now that he is part of the “program” he decided he would like to attend the Varsity games that both happened to be at home this week.  It was a cool experience, he got to sit with a couple of buddies down by the bench, one of the Varsity coaches congratulated him and all in all has been cool for him.  Well, Friday night Davison had an amazing come from behind buzzer beater win over Flushing that was truly awesome to watch.  Everyone was pumped and this leads to the heart of the story.

     Yesterday, we were eating lunch in town after Tyler finished his basketball game.  As we were sitting there Travis looks at me and says, “Dad, I think that guy over there with his family is on the Varsity basketball team.”  They were right by us so I looked over and sure enough it was one of the players with his folks eating lunch.  I glanced at Tyler and said’ ” Buddy, you have your basketball gear on, go tell him good game last night.”  For the first time in his life the kid got shy and wouldn’t do it.  So we proceeded to finish our lunch and the next thing you know Travis is getting out of his chair and heading to the other table.  I see him walk up to the kid and quietly say, “That was a great game last night.  Congratulations.”  The kid at the table and his parents immediately turned on giant smiles.  I looked over and told them that Travis had just made the 7th grade team and we had a great time watching the game the night before.  The older kid then looks over at Travis and says, ” Dude, that is awesome that you made the 7th grade team you keep on working hard.”  Ok, now Travis has a huge smile on his face as he comes back to the table,  I know it is not some earth shattering or heroic tale but what it was is two kids relating to each other because of their sport.  I was proud to know that both of them walked away having had a better day (And a delicious Maddens Burger) and it was pretty stinking cool.  Friday night as we left the game we were walking across the floor and Travis says to me, ” Dad, I want to play a game just like that in this gym.  It would be so awesome.”  Yes son it would.  And I hope that young man at lunch showed that if you work hard it could certainly happen.  I will just have to make sure I am up to date on all my heart medications!

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