M Gone Bad !

     This little piece of literary nonsense is honestly more therapeutic than informative or maybe even entertaining.  I am literally writing this down to help rid myself of the burden of being disgusted all alone.  So, I want to apologize in advance for dragging everyone else into this personal issue but it will make me feel better knowing I am not alone on this sinking ship.  Here is the bottom line, The University of Michigan football program is a complete and utter embarassment.  From top to bottom, in every aspect of the game a total abomination.  

     It is one thing to lose, it is a whole new thing to become to a punch line on late night TV because of your historical awfulness.  In all my years I have never seen a Michigan team just get beat down on the offensive line.   Devin Gardner is not a good quarterback but when your line is as physical as a 4 year old pillow fight and your running backs couldn’t block a blitz without getting run over like a traffic cone there are problems.  The total lack of talent on the offensive side of the ball is almost shocking.  Remember, those boring Lloyd Carr teams ?  You know, the ones pumping receivers and quarterbacks and running backs into the NFL along with all of the offensive lineman ?  Oh, how the times have changed.

     Since I mentioned Lloyd let’s talking coaching for a minute shall we.  Brady Hoke and his staff have been horrific.  This is the worst Big Ten of the modern era and they are getting abused on a weekly basis.  Frankly, they may lose out his year.  And before you start barking about recruiting at least identify a player recruited by this regime that is a successful player or has shown any sign of just getting better.  I could honestly handle a year or two of “growing pains” if there were any signs that these young players had any chance of being successful.  I am not sure if Hoke has just been overwhelmed by the job or if perhaps he is just not that good.  I know this, I would be willing to let him go after this year and if next year is anything like the last two then he absolutely has to go.  

      Alright guys, had to get this off of my chest.  Please feel free to comment and share and follow on Twitter @Craiger211 

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