Jake Long does the right thing


Ok folks, this blog is going to be a little different than the normal ranting that you will see out of me. Yesterday I had the pleasure of playing in a charity golf outing in Lapeer to raise funds for the Lapeer East football program. Many of the fathers from my sons baseball team are close to the program so we put some groups together and went out for a day of golf and fun. It was typical of every charity scramble on a Saturday morning in Michigan. Early morning cocktails, strategic wagering and good old fashioned nonsense. For the most part if you can’t have fun at one of these events you are probably just a pretty miserable person.

The coolest part of a day of golf and fun was the participation of former overall #1 NFL draft pick, U of M star and Lapeer alumnus Jake Long. As far as our area goes you are not going to find a much bigger star. The even better part ? You could not have asked to have a more generous, humble, and overall fun dude to have around. I am writing this because so many big time athletes get a deserved bad rap for their behavior and here is one that deserves miles of credit. Not only did he come out and golf with friends, have some beers and participate like everyone else he made sure to do even more. The door prizes consisted of very cool Nike Golf swag that he donated as well as some autographed footballs from his new teammates with the St. Louis Rams. After dinner he spent time with any person who wanted a picture or autographs or just a chance to talk some football. It was awesome to see a local guy come home and seem like he cared about the folks that helped him get where he is today. Hopefully there are a lot more Jake Longs out there and way less PacMan Jones and Terrell Owens.

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