Tigers baseball and Leylands lunacy.

Ok folks I have been gone for awhile but the recent play of the Tigers and the nonsensical managing by Jim Leyland call for at least a brief rant.

1) This past weekend against the Orioles was Jim Leyland taking his horrible in game decisions to a whole new level. Bunting Alex Avila with two men on in the 7th with no outs and 2-1 lead may be the height of idiocy. First of all, Avila doesnt bunt. Secondly he runs like he has a piano on his back. And what was the point? Even if it had worked and he somehow moved the runners you sacrificed an out and had Ramon freaking Santiago coming to the plate. Brilliant !! Small ball is a joke. You lay down a bunt when you have a leadoff guy on in the 9th or 10th and you want a chance to score one run for the win. Not in the 7th evening with two men on and a pitcher on the ropes. If you don’t trust Avila to swing the bat then let him go. Send him to Toledo. I don’t really care just dont bunt !!!

2) The Don Kelly love affair. It is ridiculous that this guy is even on the roster let alone seeing significant playing time. I realize the Jackson injury and Hunter being gone for a couple days changed things but this clown is seeing way to much action. Using him as a pinch hitter in the late innnings? If I was the manager and had to look down the bench for a pinch hitter and my choice included Don Kelly I would probably quit. He is horrible. Period.

3)The bullpen. This is a huge issue. This oine doesnt fall entirely on Old Smokey but the organization needs to figure out a solution for the rest of the year. Closer by committee is awful but closer by Valverde may be worse. He is a ticking time bomb right now and one more bad outing away from being the hot mess he was last fall. Figure it out guys because the bullpen as currently staffed is not going to win a World Series.

Alright guys, thanks for reading and remember you can follow on Twitter @Craiger211

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