Beware of childhood memory loss

You don’t have to be tuned into CNN every day to realize that our country is facing some serious medical issues.  Number one on the playlist right now is the Ebola crisis and with winter fast approaching folks are worried about all of the varied strains of Flu to deal with.  Here in Michigan there has even been a very nasty virus circulating through the schools.  While all of these are very serious concerns I am going to add another condition that is a real problem to all of the parents out there.  This particular ailment is not physical in nature and although my experience involves young boys I am sure parents of daughters have battled this as well.  I could not find a true definition in any medical journal so I have taken it upon myself to name this affliction.  (I am not a doctor nor did I play one on TV but dammit its my blog and I will do what I want.)   I have named this particular disease Adolescent Airhead Disorder or AAD for short.  You may also know it by its more common name, I would forget my head if it wasn’t attached to my shoulders syndrome.

I am sure one of your first questions is, “How can I tell if my child has AAD?”  The simple answer is this.  Look at your little bundle of love and ask them piercing questions like,” Do you have homework?”  “Where in the world is your lunchbox?” and “Why are you only wearing one shoe?”  If your future Rhodes Scholar looks at you with a blank stare and then mumbles, “I dunno.”  Or if they nervously glance around the house waiting for the dog to come steal dinner off the table to divert the attention, then yes folks you probably have a child with AAD.  In my house a simple question like, “didn’t you just have a coat on”  can lead to 10 minutes of filibustering that would make a U.S. Senator blush.  God forbid you ask your future rocket scientist something as challenging a, “hey, can you look and see if there is milk in the fridge.”  In my house I may as well be asking for an essay on quantum physics before I get a real answer.  Here is the good news.  The next time you look at your beautiful child and ask, “what do you mean you left your half-finished science project on the bus and it is due tomorrow?”  Know this.  You are not alone.  Millions of parents are suffering along with you.  The fact that the beer and wine section at the grocery store continually expands is not a mystery my friend.

Alas,  here is the bad news fellow frustrated parents.  As of this posting there is no cure for AAD.  No magic pill, no goofy organic supplement and although it has been tried, even shock therapy doesn’t work.  Apparently,  it is also frowned upon in most countries.  I don’t understand why it can’t be used in small doses for Pete’s sake but that’s a blog for another day.  So parents, the best we can do is sit back and understand what we are up against.  Basically we face an army of adolescent goof balls that no matter how well they do at school can literally freeze up mentally when asked to put socks in their sock drawer.  Maybe it is the constant electronic stimulation that makes them lose focus.  Maybe it is feeding them processed chicken nuggets and frozen pizza 4 times a week.  I already mentioned I am  not a doctor, I am just brainstorming over here.  Perhaps through repetition and training we can eradicate this plague from our children.  On the other hand watching these little angels stumble around trying to figure out where they left their backpack is actually pretty entertaining after a cold beer or glass of wine.


The Need is Everywhere

I am not sure if I am naive or just plain stupid.  Although neither are a very appealing choice I guess I would prefer the former over the latter.  All I know is that my view of things are definitely beginning to change.  I know, I know, old age.  As many of you know, I work in the worst parts of Flint, Mi every single day.  I am talking straight up GHETTO.  The worst of the worst.  The most violent city in the United States, affectionately known as Murder Town U.S.A.  And while the violence is bad enough the thing what always grabs me is the poverty.  I am talking about people that literally have nothing to eat.  Folks scraping up change to try to afford a honey bun at the local liquor store.  Kids eating .50 cent bags of chips for breakfast because that is all that they could afford.  No decent clothes to wear.  Nothing to protect them against the harsh climate here in Michigan.  You see little ones in dirty, ripped up clothes and no coats even when the weather turns awful.  You look around and feel like by no choice of their own that these kids have so little hope that it is awful.    At times my mood varies from sad, to appalled, to the point where unfortunately I become disinterested.  I justify my occasional disinterest by saying, “Hey, it’s not my problem.  This isn’t my town, these are not my friends and neighbors.”  Trust me, I am not proud that I can easily become immune to it but when you see it every day and realize that there is no easy answer it’s awfully easy to quit work at 5 and head to my lovely home in my lovely neighborhood and leave all of that stuff behind.  I drive by thanking all that is Holy that my family is in the position that they are in.  Even on the worst nights of semi burnt Digiorno pizza after 3 hours of some sports practice my family will be fine.

Here is the problem.  This story is not confined to the city of Flint.  It is not just an “inner city” problem.  You see, I felt pretty good after I left Flint and got home every day.  I mean, that kind of sadness, that kind of desperation, that kind of poverty wouldn’t follow me to the friendly confines of Davison, Mi.  I have lived here my whole life.  It is a wonderful town.  Unfortunately, in all my years of living here I have apparently missed a few things.  This is where things do begin to affect my city.  My friends, my family my neighbors.  Trust me, this is not a knock on Davison.  I am strictly casting a critical eye at how oblivious I have been.  What I failed to see in my own little myopic middle class upbringing and my current life as an adult here in Davison is that we have folks right here that are hurting as well.  Don’t get me wrong, we are not suffering nearly like the folks in the Flint.  We don’t have the violence, blight, gangs and drugs but do you know what we do have?  What we have are families in trouble.  Kids without enough to eat.  Families clawing by who through whatever means can barely get by.  I don’t recall this as a kid growing up here and again I blame myself.  When everything in your world seems terrific it easy to have blinders to what is going on around you.

I think what has really brought it home to me is having so many family and friends in the education system here in town.  Teachers, administrators, volunteers. There are days when I swear I am surrounded by people that just want to put a red checkmark on some grammatical error I have made.  These are the folks that are really on the front lines with these families and their children.  Have some of these parents ended up in trouble due to bad choices?  Absolutely.  Does that mean that their child should have to go to kindergarten without a coat when it is freeing outside?  I think not.  When kindergarten teachers are going to the dollar store to by toothbrushes and toothpaste for students because parents will not. Well then folks, something is amiss.  And before you think I am exonerating bad parenting understand that I am not.  I have no tolerance for it but I just don’t understand why a kid should suffer because of it.  Understand this, A cold, hungry child didn’t choose to be that way.

This is not just a Davison thing either.  In many “nicer” communities the same thing is happening.  Families are having a hard time.  Jobs have been lost.  Medical bills can pile up.  Any number of things can happen.  And spare me any political rhetoric because I don’t want to hear it.  I don’t care if the Republicans screwed things up. I don’t care if you think the Democrats are idiots.  Pointing fingers at a political party may be the single biggest waste of time I can think of.  Please.  Save your breath and think about maybe offering solutions instead of just spouting clichés from whatever bought and paid for news source you choose to watch.  Go ask yourself this one, when is the last time some schmuck shouting the party line on CNN or FOX News actually really “did” anything.  Yeah, I will sit back and wait for that answer.

Here is what I am thinking.  No matter where you live, no matter how nice it is, there is need.  We have the holidays coming and although looking out for others shouldn’t just happen in December I suppose it’s a Hell of a good time to start.  Look around your town, check with your kids schools.  I am thinking if even the small group of folks that read this offer even a little help it will get the ball rolling.  When you’re out loading up on Holiday gifts and groceries throw a couple extra things in there for your local food bank or Toys for Tots.  Have your kids go on a shopping trip with you and let them pick out a couple of things to donate even if it is just coloring books from the dollar store.  Do you have old coats, gloves, boots, etc. at home?  I bet your local school or church would take them.  Sometimes when you take the blinders off and take a look around you see things much more clearly.  So the next time I am stuck in the drop off line at the Middle School in my nice warm SUV I think I will stop complaining about the horrific driving and appreciate what I have.   I am asking all of you to take a look around and realize that none of those children that are suffering asked to be where they are.  Not all of their parents are deadbeats.  Not all of them are “working the system.”  Many of them just need a little help.  Cold and hungry comes in a lot of shapes and sizes and a lot of it looks a lot more like you and I than we care to acknowledge.

Alright friends, done with the rant.  Please feel free to share, comment and brainstorm along with me.  You can also follow on Twitter @Craiger 211.  Thank you everyone.

Please meet BetterMan

You and I both know this person. Well, maybe not the same person but definitely this particularly annoying type of person. For the sake of this little rant I am going to name this person BetterMan. This character is definitely not a superhero. BetterMan gets their name because well, everything they have is just better, man.

It doesn’t matter if BetterMan is a close friend, family member or casual acquaintance. Certain undeniable truths make BetterMan the person they are. First of all, questioning you about the cost of your home, furniture, car, electronics, etc. is completely legitimate. Also, BetterMan would like to see your W2, tax returns and retirement accounts for comparison sake. There is absolutely no shame in BetterMans game.

Here is a classic example. You just purchased a new vehicle, BetterMan walks up and immediately asks, “What did you pay for the new rig?” Feeling a bit awkward you reply, “I got a pretty good deal.” Not happy with that answer Better Man responds, “Yeah I looked at that model but it seemed like the performance wasn’t quite there for the price. I decided to spend the extra and get the turbo powered Who Gives A Shit XL and man it’s expensive but I love it.” Of course you do BetterMan, of course you do.

The other thing about BetterMan is that they are in no way shape or form an expert in the bull they sling. Somehow BetterMan can work a 9 to 5 job as a middle manager at some shop and yet they have become the all – knowing Messiah of any major purchase you might have. Need to find out the television you researched online and purchased was ok but not nearly as good as Bettermans, they will be happy to tell you. Want to find out that you overpaid for your house in a neighborhood that BetterMan could only hope to live in, they got that shit too. See, for BetterMan this is like compensating for middle age by buying a Corvette and starting Botox treatments and pretending that maybe just maybe you haven’t lost a step a or two.

I have discovered that the hard part of dealing with BetterMan is in not just looking them straight in the face and calling bullshit. The satisfaction of saying, “Dude, you make $15.75 an hour and work 40 hours a week. I am no math major but I know enough to know that when you were out vehicle shopping you weren’t looking at a new Mercedes S-Class.” I think I would truly love to watch the crumbling of the BetterMan façade but I just can’t pull the trigger. Maybe I am getting soft in my old age, it happens to everyone. I guess I will have to just hang around and deal with it and maybe do a little Corvette and Botox shopping on my own.

Let’s do more than simply marking time.

Perhaps it was celebrating my 45th birthday last month. Maybe it was leafing through old photos and realizing that my children are growing up so fast right before my eyes. It may even be that creaky back I have every time I take the first tee shot of the day. It may have been one of these things, none of these things or a combination but recently it feels like I have had a bit of a revelation and if any of you, no matter the age, feel it also then I hope these words make sense.
Please understand that these words are not meant to be preachy or to pretend I know something so profound that it has escaped all of you. To be honest I think it is something that all of us deal with during our lives. I am not talking about the typical, “Why I am here?” question that many people smarter than I have puzzled over for years and years. I am thinking of something of more simple, something a little a basic, something not answered in the cosmos or in a redundant Dr. Phil self – help book. What I began to think about was this. Am I living life or just going through the motions? I mean, obviously I am alive and taking up space every day but is that all there is to it? I started to get a little concerned that maybe I wasn’t getting as much as I could get out of this particular roller coaster ride and since I don’t get to buy more tickets and ride again maybe I should make a little more out of it.
I am going to admit things are pretty darn good in my life and there are many, many people who have it way worse than me. I have a good career, tremendous kids who amaze me every day, a beautiful girlfriend who is an absolute rock star and a lovely home. All in all not a bad gig for a frumpy, 45 year old in Davison, Mi. Trust me I don’t want to trade any of it in. However, what if being complacent and comfortable is keeping me from experiencing even more in life. This is what I started thinking about and let me to branch out and try things a little differently. My goal and one that I had kept under was to try to my hand at writing. I had received some positive feedback on my blog, kind words about my social media work but never thought about taking that next step. I mean really, real writers have real talent and study their craft for years. Frankly, wasn’t I a little behind the curve here? What are the odds a middle aged guy with a job, career and household could even pull off even a small amount of success? What If I through myself out there and found out I was a talentless hack? What if I wasted time and resources that could be used for the family? Then I stepped back and realized this. Who gives a shit. If it turns out I can’t write a damn thing worthwhile my life will still be just fine. Will my kids love me less? Will I go bankrupt and lose my dream girl? The answer people is this, no. So here is what I ask of you, give it a shot. Whatever it is that you want go out and get it. I am not asking you all to quit jobs or abandon your families or do something foolish. What I am saying is there is a way to do it. I wanted to expand my writing so I found an online course at Gotham Writers Workshop in NYC and I am off and running. So here it is people, get out there and go for what you want. Hey single guys, that lovely brunette you see at the coffee shop during the week, go ask her out. Ladies, you have a desire to learn karate but don’t want to be embarrassed? Screw that. Get out there and kick some stuff. The bottom line is this folks, this is one ride, with one ticket and don’t you really want to have the maximum damn fun you can ?

Super Bowl Sunday !

Super Bowl Sunday !.

Super Bowl Sunday !

Once again we have reached a date on the sporting calendar that is universally recognized and brings fans and non-fans alike together for a day of fun and football bonding. Food will be served, drinks will be had and rampant gambling will run wild across our great country. Much like I did for Detroit Tigers Opening Day (another monumental sports day) I felt compelled to share a few tips to help you and the people who have to put up with you enjoy their day to the utmost.

Now, this is going to seem like I am being a bit sexist (and rest assured I am) but ladies a significant amount of this rant will involve you. Here is the thing, we love that for one day at least you are going to participate with us in a football Sunday without us getting the “shouldn’t you be cleaning the garage?” look every time we grab another snack or crack a fresh malted beverage. We think you look absolutely lovely in your form fitting Marshawn Lynch jersey with the Seahawk temporary tattoo on your cheek. It works for us, it really does. We are not even that offended that you somehow think that bringing a bottle of Chardonnay to the party is appropriate. We have bigger fish (and chicken wings) to fry so it is really not a big deal that wine and football go together about as well as orange juice and toothpaste. It is Super Bowl Sunday, the Holy Grail of NFL Sundays and if wine must be served, so be it.

Another thing for the lovely ladies. Understand that you are the only ones who care about the halftime show. Every year this train wreck somehow finds a way to out awful itself and leave millions with bleeding ears and a wringing headache. The fact that it seems to go on for roughly 2 hours doesn’t help matters one bit. When every male in the party finds a reason to simultaneously make a sandwich, go to the restroom and check the air pressure on the car tires that will be your cue that the halftime debacle is on the way. Please use this time wisely and feel free to steal prime seats on the couch or in the La Z Boy, trust me, we don’t mind.

A significant part of Super Bowl Sunday is food. It is fantastic. It is one of those no rules, no limit kind of days when no one is judging the pile of wing bones gathering on your plate or the nacho cheese splattered on the front of your shirt. Here is where things can go a bit wrong. You girls love Pinterest. You love being creative. Most of the time this is no big deal. Sure we have choked down a couple of goofy ass veggie casserole recipes or smiled lovingly as you showed us the windmill you lovingly crafted from recycled Diet Coke cans. It’s ok, you open up Christmas gifts from us every year and pretend to like them so it’s all good. That being said, Super Bowl is not the time to go and try to reinvent the culinary wheel. You may think the cucumber, spinach, Greek yogurt roll ups with feta cheese in a whole wheat wrap look fantastic but please, for the love of all things holy not on Super Bowl Sunday. I am telling you keep it simple and stick with the 4 main food groups. Nachos in any form, Chicken Wings in any form, All things Pizza and of course the basic meats and cheeses. You are welcome.

It may appear that I have been a little harsh on the ladies and I know many out there are actually big time football fans. They know the “nickel defense” is actually a defensive formation and does not involve guarding their purses. To you ladies, I raise my beer in salute. And fellas, just because I have had a little fun with the girls doesn’t mean you are off the hook today. Don’t be the militant “Squares” guy, don’t double dip the 7 layer dip and for petes sake put away the “Smedium” Elway jersey you have had since ’99. Ok guys, have a blast today and ladies you know I love you ! Please read and share and follow on Twitter @Craiger211

99 Problems and the Puppy is One !

maizers 002

I had mentioned in a previous Facebook post that the sleeping arrangements in my bed have changed considerably since the arrival of the Princess Puppy. What used to be a rather spacious king sized bed with plenty of room for myself and Rachel as well as the always popular “Switzerland Zone” in the middle made for some pretty good sleeping. Things have changed dramatically since the bundle of fur arrived since she has conquered and pillaged the Switzerland Zone like the Roman Army on steroids and Rachel and I now cling to the remaining edges of the bed like mountain climbers with no safety rope.

All of this background now leads us to last night. It was a freezing cold, miserable night and I climbed into bed to warm up and catch up on some on ZZZZ’s. At some point I rolled a bit and ended up in the now Puppy controlled Switzerland zone. But wait, that is not not a puppy that I bumped into, that is a rather fetching blonde. In typical male fashion my brain sends the signal that says, ” Hey now, this has got some potential. I mean what happens in Switzerland stays in Switzerland right ?” And yes, I realize that no one has ever uttered or even thought that before but listen I had a couple of beers before bed so some random thoughts are legit. Anyway, here I am in a puppy free Switzerland Zone with a beautiful blonde and life is looking good. This is where things take a rather bad turn for your yours truly. No sooner can I begin to organize the rather impure thoughts running through my head when all of a sudden a 30 pound flash of fur leaps into the bed, landing directly in between myself and Rachel. Where she came from, I have no idea. It was almost like she had some sort of “parental” vibe that told her that her kid was about to do something wrong. Frankly, I kinda felt like a 16 year old who got caught making out in the basement by their Mom or Dad. Oh well, just another day (and night) in the life of new puppy parents.

Hope you guys got a Saturday morning chuckle. Please read and share and of course follow on Twitter @Craiger211

Youth Sports – A Positive Story.

    It has occurred to me that often youth and junior sports get a bad rap.  The stories of horrific coaches and parents are terrible and unfortunately they happen way to often.  Over the years with my boys I have seen behavior from coaches, parents, officials and even the kids that is so embarrassing that even the contestants on the Bachelor blush in shame for these morons.  However, today I am gonna tell a quick story that shows the awesome part of kids and their sports.

     A little background for you.  Recently my son Travis was chosen for the 7th grade basketball team at Davison Middle School.  Suffice to say, the kid was to the moon with excitement.  Now that he is part of the “program” he decided he would like to attend the Varsity games that both happened to be at home this week.  It was a cool experience, he got to sit with a couple of buddies down by the bench, one of the Varsity coaches congratulated him and all in all has been cool for him.  Well, Friday night Davison had an amazing come from behind buzzer beater win over Flushing that was truly awesome to watch.  Everyone was pumped and this leads to the heart of the story.

     Yesterday, we were eating lunch in town after Tyler finished his basketball game.  As we were sitting there Travis looks at me and says, “Dad, I think that guy over there with his family is on the Varsity basketball team.”  They were right by us so I looked over and sure enough it was one of the players with his folks eating lunch.  I glanced at Tyler and said’ ” Buddy, you have your basketball gear on, go tell him good game last night.”  For the first time in his life the kid got shy and wouldn’t do it.  So we proceeded to finish our lunch and the next thing you know Travis is getting out of his chair and heading to the other table.  I see him walk up to the kid and quietly say, “That was a great game last night.  Congratulations.”  The kid at the table and his parents immediately turned on giant smiles.  I looked over and told them that Travis had just made the 7th grade team and we had a great time watching the game the night before.  The older kid then looks over at Travis and says, ” Dude, that is awesome that you made the 7th grade team you keep on working hard.”  Ok, now Travis has a huge smile on his face as he comes back to the table,  I know it is not some earth shattering or heroic tale but what it was is two kids relating to each other because of their sport.  I was proud to know that both of them walked away having had a better day (And a delicious Maddens Burger) and it was pretty stinking cool.  Friday night as we left the game we were walking across the floor and Travis says to me, ” Dad, I want to play a game just like that in this gym.  It would be so awesome.”  Yes son it would.  And I hope that young man at lunch showed that if you work hard it could certainly happen.  I will just have to make sure I am up to date on all my heart medications!

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Brady Hoke has reduced me to this !

Tonight is going to be a rough night for this guy, real rough.  I am not talking trapped in a Turkish prison and forced to watch a never ending loop of the Kardashians tough, but tough none the less.  To get it in perspective imagine being stuck in your car on a 9 hour road trip and the only channel that would come in was the all Pitbull station.  Now that you can understand the trouble I am in you are probably asking, good lord Craig what could you possibly be facing that has put you in this position ?

Well folks, I will tell you what it is.  It is the Big Ten Championship football game tonight from lovely Indianapolis, Indiana.  I know what you are thinking, you love football, how could this game drive you to this point ?  I know.  It seems backwards, this time of year is generally a glorious time for football fans.  You wanna know how it got ruined, blame Brady Hoke.

How can one man, albeit a hefty fella, ruin a championship game ?  By letting his sorry ass Wolverines let a bunch of jackwagons from Ohio State and Michigan State treat his team like the proverbial 90 pound weakling.  Hoke and his staff couldn’t find Indianapolis on a map if it only included the state of Indiana.  Big Ten Championship game ?  Who needs that we are busy preparing our team for the Rotella Cheese Crock Pot Nacho Dip bowl in lovely Compton,Ca.  Good grief.  

So, the ineptitude of my favorite team has left me stuck with a championship game featuring the two teams I despise the most.  Thanks for that Brady, what the hell did I ever do to you ?  Okay, enough coach bashing for a minute but this does bring up the point of my problem for tonight.  How in the hell am I supposed to enjoy this mess of a game and for God’s sake should I have a rooting interest.  Frankly, there is only one possible satisfactory outcome in my eyes but I don’t think a SARS outbreak on both teams forcing the game to be cancelled is gonna happen.  Settle down folks, not fatal cases, just football season ending, relax.  

Faced with a dilemma of this magnitude I did what any other beaten man would do, I cracked a cold beer and got to thinking,  You see, my scenario had to involve there somehow being a winner of this stinking game yet setting both teams and their fan bases up for eventual embarassment and heartache.  Somewhere in the outer recesses of my dimly lit brain a plan began to form.  Like a far off light in a tunnel I could finally see it coming to me.  It was gonna take a little luck and some divine intervention (I think Bo Schembechler may have a hand in this) to get it done.  This is not easy because coming up with a scenario so ghastly that both teams end up crushed is not easy to do.  

You see, I want neither team to achieve anything significant but I am forced to deal with the fact that one of these asshat coaches is actually gonna see a goal accomplished.  Which is more palatable Urban Meyer playing for a National Championship or Mark Dantonio and the Spartans going to the Rose Bowl for the first time since Ronald Reagan was President ?  Neither.   So, here is the best I could do.  I think OSU needs to win this game in a squeaker 3 to 2 on a last minute field goal.  You know the Spartan D is gonna score so I gave them the safety !  The way I see it the national experts already think the Big Ten is a joke (It is and Brady Hoke should be ashamed to go 3-5 in that dumpster fire of a conference) so they will be duly outraged by this disgusting game.  OSU will get jumped in the polls by a 1 loss SEC team and will miss out on a National Championship shot.  MSU will drop so far in the BCS polls they will no longer qualify for any BCS game let alone the Rose Bowl and they will get to enjoy the holidays in Waco, Tx playing in the Carabba’s Italian Grill Fettucini bowl.  I know this is a long shot but a Wolverine can dream right ?  Anyway, just having a little fun and I know I have many Spartan friends in particular who will be having heart palpitations over this game.  

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M Gone Bad !

     This little piece of literary nonsense is honestly more therapeutic than informative or maybe even entertaining.  I am literally writing this down to help rid myself of the burden of being disgusted all alone.  So, I want to apologize in advance for dragging everyone else into this personal issue but it will make me feel better knowing I am not alone on this sinking ship.  Here is the bottom line, The University of Michigan football program is a complete and utter embarassment.  From top to bottom, in every aspect of the game a total abomination.  

     It is one thing to lose, it is a whole new thing to become to a punch line on late night TV because of your historical awfulness.  In all my years I have never seen a Michigan team just get beat down on the offensive line.   Devin Gardner is not a good quarterback but when your line is as physical as a 4 year old pillow fight and your running backs couldn’t block a blitz without getting run over like a traffic cone there are problems.  The total lack of talent on the offensive side of the ball is almost shocking.  Remember, those boring Lloyd Carr teams ?  You know, the ones pumping receivers and quarterbacks and running backs into the NFL along with all of the offensive lineman ?  Oh, how the times have changed.

     Since I mentioned Lloyd let’s talking coaching for a minute shall we.  Brady Hoke and his staff have been horrific.  This is the worst Big Ten of the modern era and they are getting abused on a weekly basis.  Frankly, they may lose out his year.  And before you start barking about recruiting at least identify a player recruited by this regime that is a successful player or has shown any sign of just getting better.  I could honestly handle a year or two of “growing pains” if there were any signs that these young players had any chance of being successful.  I am not sure if Hoke has just been overwhelmed by the job or if perhaps he is just not that good.  I know this, I would be willing to let him go after this year and if next year is anything like the last two then he absolutely has to go.  

      Alright guys, had to get this off of my chest.  Please feel free to comment and share and follow on Twitter @Craiger211